Building Communities Around Digital Public Goods: OSS4DPGs

By Aishani Rai and Venkatesh Hariharan ,
June 15th, 2024

Publication : Report
Themes : Digital EconomyDigital EcosystemDigital InclusionDigital Public InfrastructureInfrastructure and Services

Building Communities Around Digital Public Goods: OSS4DPGs

Globally, Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Digital Public Goods (DPGs) are adopted across multiple sectors- health, payments and education. Despite their accelerated adoption, inquiry has primarily focused on technical components, with little consideration to non-technical layers, such as governance and capacity building. There is an urgent need to build playbooks around these themes to create a robust set of assets for the long term sustenance of and value-creation from DPGs.

This playbook seeks to build an understanding around one such non-technical layer: the open source community. This playbook underscores the value of building open source communities around DPGs, with a key focus on understanding how active, inclusive, scalable and sustainable open source communities around DPGs are built. It is a practical resource guide that serves as an effective and innovative approach to building the capacity of DPGs by borrowing principles and practices from open source communities.

Further, the playbook is informed by insights of a participatory action research, comprising interventions undertaken to build and grow the communities of two DPG collectives: eGovernments Foundation and Beckn Open Collective.


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