Unpacking the Key Costs and Consequences of the New Telecom Bill

By Kunal Raj Barua, Mousmi Panda, Dr. Sarayu Natarajan,
June 15th, 2023

Publication : Report
Themes : Policy PaperTelecommunications Industry

Unpacking the Key Costs and Consequences of the New Telecom Bill

India’s thriving digital economy and increasing citizen participation in the digital world has compelled regulation of the sector. In late 2022, the government introduced the Indian Telecommunication Bill with the objective of consolidating telecommunication legislation, addressing sectoral growth and prioritizing user safety with newer technological advancements. The bill proposes an expansive definition of ‘telecommunications services’ by bringing Over-The-Top (OTT) communication services under the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) regulatory net, resulting in various potential economic and non-economic implications and costs for citizens, businesses, and the government itself.

The report finds that an improved understanding and articulation of service models could benefit the relevant stakeholders in providing, using, and regulating services, and suggests the need for streamlined regulation.

For this paper, desk research was supplemented by 10 interviews with academicians, industry leaders and experts. The detailed study can be found here.


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